ADI at IMS 2023

ADI at IMS 2023

RF Innovation Simplified at the Intelligent Edge

For all of those who visited our booth at IMS this year, we always cherish time with our customers and ecosystem partners and we want to keep the momentum going! For those who were able to attend, you already know our big news – Apollo MxFETM, the most complete, high-speed, processing solution in the industry, has launched! We invite everyone to experience first-hand how ADI’s latest RF, microwave, millimeter wave technologies, clocking, amplifier, and power solutions come together to enable unprecedented system-level solutions for communications, instrumentation, aerospace, and defense customers. The full Apollo ecosystem consolidates ADI’s unique product solutions to deliver unprecedented scale, supporting faster design cycles and unparalleled go-to-market timeframes.

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Hear from Our Experts — Executive Forum

Bryan Goldstein

Bryan Goldstein
Vice President, Aerospace and Defense

Emerging Technology Trends and Markets

Presenter: Bryan Goldstein

This in-depth panel session, moderated by Microwave Journal Technical Editor Eric Higham, consisted of senior executives from Keysight Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz, Analog Devices, Qualcomm and Qorvo. Hear from the panelists on research regarding emerging technology trends and markets, and their company’s visions and insights into the markets that will fuel future growth.

Jon Kraft

Jon Kraft
Principal Engineer, Field Applications

Rapid Phased Array Prototyping: Crawl -> Walk -> Run

Presenter: Jon Kraft

Learn about ADI’s seamless, lower risk, way to develop the hardware and software for a complete phased array radar (or communications) system prototype. This live demonstration of how to use existing hardware and software to quickly prototype from 2, then to 8, then 16, and finally 32 elements. Each system will use the same open source software. And each “level” of the system will increase the technology readiness level (TRL) of the program. This allows rapid development of hardware or software-or even both simultaneously--at a variety of starting points.

Hear from Our Experts — Workshops

Larry Hawkins, Ed Woytaszek, Jon Hall and Erkan Acar

IWTU4: .01-20 GHz Small Form Factor Multiport Network Analyzer Design Accelerators

Presenters: Larry Hawkins, Director – Technical Marketing Integrated Solutions and Systems, RichardsonRFPD

Ed Woytaszek, Product Line Manager

Jon Hall, Principal Engineer, Product Marketing

Erkan Acar, Director, Instrumentation Systems

Speaker Organizations: Richardson RFPD, Analog Devices, Inc.

Analog Devices and Richardson RFPD are designing .01-20GHz, small, multiport, network analyzer signal chains for industrial, portable and production test applications. .01-20GHz network analyzers are complicated, which translates to being large and expensive. ADI has released the ADL5960; a .01-20GHz, integrated vector network analyzer front end on a chip, which enables small network analyzers. The design accelerators include all components necessary for a network analyzer; including highspeed converters, FPGA, signal generation, and the ADL5960. The design goal was to remove our customers risk and reduce their design time.

Sam Ringwood

Sam Ringwood
System Platforms Apps Engineer

IWWE7: Building a Hybrid Beamforming Digital Twin of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Hardware Using Commercially Available EDA Software

Presenters: Murthy Upmaka, Master level Solutions Engineer Keysight Technologies

Sam Ringwood, System Platforms Apps Engineer

Speaker Organizations: Keysight Technologies, Analog Devices, Inc.

This workshop presents step-by-step approach to create a system level digital twin using Keysight’s SystemVue software and COTS hybrid beamforming system hardware from Analog Devices Inc. The X-Band Phased Array Platform is a scalable 32 element hybrid beamforming phased array development platform developed by Analog Devices. The workshop discusses the hardware architecture and takes a deep dive into the steps required to simulate a digital twin in SystemVue including device, sub-system, and system level modeling. The audience will be able to walk away with sufficient knowledge to explore creating their own phased array digital twins.

Hear from Our Experts – Technical Session

Kevin Chuang, Hossein Yektaii and Noureddine Outale

Tu2C-1: Future Trends in Cellular Infrastructure and Radio Technology for Sustainable Networks

Presenters: Kevin Chuang, Senior Principal Engineer, SW Systems Design

Hossein Yektaii, Senior Principal Engineer, SW Systems Design

Noureddine Outaleb, Director, Systems Designs

Wireless standards and radio requirements are evolving as the roll-out of 5G, emergence of open radio access networks (O-RAN), and early investigation of 6G are making forward progress. Particularly, multi-band macro-cell frequency-division duplexing (FDD) radio heads, massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) time-division duplexing (TDD) radio units, and emerging frequency bands beyond sub-6 GHz present a unique challenge to the industry, striving for higher energy efficiency and capacity. This paper aims to provide an overview and discuss the future directions of the radio architecture, radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers, and digital transformation, leveraging machine learning and linearization techniques for cellular infrastructure.


Apollo Demos

Apollo MxFE™: Up/Downconverters and Tunable Filters

Learn about ADI's latest RF-attached product portfolio including high-frequency and low-frequency U/DCs and mixers as well as suite of tunable filters designed to enable full Apollo MxFE performance in the next-generation wideband systems.

Apollo MxFE™: 16Tx / 16 Rx X-Band Radar Platform

TThe Quad-Apollo MxFE X-Band Digital Beamforming Development Platform--a 16-channel Tx, 16-channel Rx phased-array system--enables RADAR, SATCOM, multi-channel communications and select electronic warfare applications. Watch how four Apollo MxFE digitizer ICs on a single board improve multi-chip synchronization and multichannel calibration methods. Featured is an associated clock tree that includes four 22GHz PLL/VCO ICs, power distribution network, and analog front ends comprising tunable filters and gain control to exemplify how an Apollo MxFE-hardened DSP is leveraged to correct digital and analog anomalies. Also observe multi-channel phase and amplitude calibration methods, needed to enable phased array applications

Apollo MxFE™: Wideband 6G Signal Generator Solution

As wireless standards evolve from 5G to 6G, the complexity in electronic test and measurement systems increases. Witness a wideband signal generator solution supporting the 6G FR3 band using ADI’s newest and fastest direct RF Apollo MxFE DAC (16 bit, 28GSPS) along with a simplified 6-18GHz RF front end. This solution demonstrates instrument grade error vector magnitude (EVM) performance and includes LO generation, clocking, and power management for rapid evaluation and deployment.

Apollo MxFE™ Digital Power System Management

Learn how ADI's digital power system management (DPSM) sequences power rails, controls voltage levels, and monitors power system performance, making it easy to maintain robust operation.

Apollo MxFE™ 0.5 GHz to 55 GHz RF Ecosystem

This demo features Apollo MxFE 4T4R differential at 20GSPS/20GSPS and companion RxVGA, TxVGA, and clocking to fully cover any sub8G (FR1) bands with direct RF sampling technology for ETM/ATE markets. View Apollo MxFE's unique DSP features such as FSRC to switch between any I/Q data rates, including 4G, 5G, WIFI, and BT, on the fly without recalibration/reinitialization of the system dramatically reducing testing time.

Apollo MxFE™: 4T4R 20 GSPS/20 GSPS IC + Attach Ecosystem

Learn more about the Apollo MxFE 4T4R IC (AD9084) whose differential ADC AC performance (20 GSPS), when combined with our suggested companion RxVGA, TxVGA, and clocking solutions, fully covers any sub-8G (FR1) bands with direct RF sampling technology. This demo, in particular, showcases the FSRC feature which enables the system to switch between any I/Q data rates (including 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, and BT) on-the-fly and without recalibration/reinitialization to enable a dramatically reduced testing time.

Apollo MxFE™: 4T4R 14 GSPS/28 GSPS Integrated ADC Balun

Explore how Apollo MxFE 4T4R at 14G/28G with a cutting-edge, on-chip, integrated ultra wideband Balun significantly simplifies the Rx input network for small pitch X band radar application. Experience Apollo MxFE's unique DSP features for radar/EW applications such as dynamic DDC/DUC reconfiguration, fast frequency hopping, lower latency loopback and FFT sniffer.

Apollo MxFE™: Wideband 6G Spectrum Analyzer Solution

Learn more about ADI's wideband spectrum analyzer signal chain with instrument grade performance and wide spurious free dynamic range for the latest wireless standards- 5G, 6G, Wi-Fi and UWB. The demonstration displays a FFT response utilizing ADI's fastest 12 bit, 20GSPS Apollo MxFE ADC and a 6-18GHz RF Front End. The solution also includes LO Generation, clocking and power management to accelerate customer evaluation and deployment.

Apollo MxFE™: Clock and Time Synchronization ICs

Observe ADI’s new 800 MHz to 22 GHz integrated PLL/VCO and frequency synchronizer with a time-to-digital converter in action. The PLL/VCO, with its ultralow jitter performance and multichip frequency hopping, is ideal for fast frequency hopping applications that require best in class phase noise and multi-chip synchronization. The frequency synchronizer is able to measure and correct timing skews to the pico second level. The products are part of the Apollo MxFE ecosystem for clocking and time alignment, enabling full Apollo MxFE performance.

Aerospace and Defense Demos

Ka Band Rx Satcom Development Platform

Observe a 256 element array using ADI’s ADAR3002 beamformer and ADAR5000. The ADAR3002 is a dual beam/4 element/dual polarization beamformer IC with industry leading power dissipation (<350mW). The ADAR5000 is one of the smallest 1x4 wilkinson splitter/combiners on the market that can fit within the lattice pitch of a Ka band array. This demo is based on an actual antenna for SATCOM applications.

GaN Power Amplifiers

Learn about ADI’s newest GaN PA offerings and how ADI's power management solutions can be used to provide safe, fast biasing for radar applications.

SDR for Tunable 80 MHz Spectrum Capture

The ADRV9002/4 has a maximum instantaneous receive bandwidth of 40 MHz on each of 2 channels. This application example utilizes the dual channel capabilities of the ADRV9002/4 to present a combined 80 MHz spectrum output by intelligently combining the precisely offset filtered and phase synchronized channels into an aggregate bandwidth using the Vanteon vProtean Software Defined Radio. A typical use case for this application is signal intelligence where a wideband signal of up to 80 MHz of bandwidth can be captured and characterized using a single ADRV9002/4. This can also be scaled to even wider bandwidths using multiple vProtean SDRs that are synchronized together using the Multichip Synchronization feature.

RF Signal Chain Simulation

Witness ADI's advances in developing advanced simulation models for RF components such as RF amplifiers, RF mixers, RF switches, and beamformer ICs. We now have Genesys and SystemVue simulation models for beamformers along with an expanded library of simulation models for amplifiers, mixers, and RF switches.

Communications Demos

Embedded PA Characterization in DPD Setup

Witness non-linear PA characterization with ADI’s ADRV9040 transceiver. This includes CW, two-tone, and modulated signal power sweep tests to help customers extract and correlate the PA characteristics to DPD performance and measure DPD metrics.

24GHz RADAR Signal Chain Using TinyRAD

Explore a 24GHz radar signal chain featuring object detection using TinyRAD’s small form factor solution. Also highlighted are signal chain solutions that use direct digital synthesis (DDS) to generate faster ramps.

O-RAN Compliant Full Stack mmWave RU

Witness how ADI’s mmWave array offerings provide up to 25% efficiency improvement compared to competing solutions. This enables a lighter, smaller radio delivering additional coverage, and makes possible operator CapEx and OpEx savings for more efficient FR2 deployment in macro and small cell/indoor use cases. A single vendor IC and array solution reduces time to market and de-risks customer deployments by leveraging proven IP for first pass success.

SOI Switches from 0Hz to 90GHz

Explore ADI’s flip-chip, DC, and RF switches as well as digital attenuators. These products exemplify ADI’s focus on offering high performance products that enable emerging standards.

Instrumentation and Power Demos

Low Noise µModule Regulators

Explore ADI's low EMI Silent Switcher µModule® regulators that include single, dual and quad output, as well as a dual LDO output µModule regulator powered by an integrated EMI barrier and Silent Switcher switching regulator. The Silent Switcher architecture and ultra-high PSRR LDO technology reduce filters and LDOs on a PCB without decreasing system performance.

Advancing High Speed Test with MEMS Switches

Learn how to maximize IC test environment productivity metrics using ADI’s ADGM1001 and ADGM1144 MEMS switches on an automated test equipment (ATE) load board. ADI’s MEMS switch technology delivers step change improvements in ATE Capacity, Consistency and Capability. Capacity: Doubles the number of devices under test (DUT) with a single insertion test solution. Consistency: 10x longer switching lifetime. Capability: Future-proofed platforms that support next-generation higher speed testing with ready-to-go optimized switch configurations.

Small Form Factor, 20GHz, 8-port Vector Network Analyzer

ADI's compact, low power 8 port network analyzer solution is built around our new ADL5960 integrated vector analyzer front end. The solution supports 10MHz-20GHz s-parameter measurements. The compact form factor makes it suitable to integrate into larger test systems for RF characterization, structural analysis, and many more applications.