Sales and Distribution

Authorized Sales Channels

ADI provides full support on our products purchased through ADI-authorized distributors and sales offices, including quality, reliability, failure analysis, and applications support.

ADI cannot determine the origin or legitimacy of products procured through brokers or other non-authorized sources. We cannot provide warranty coverage or any quality, reliability, failure analysis, applications, or other support on such products. ADI will neither accept returns nor provide credit on products that have been purchased from brokers or other non-authorized sources. Recent articles in semiconductor industry publications have reported the availability of used, damaged, and counterfeit products on the broker market. The leading reason that customers experience IC failures is because the products have been purchased from non-authorized sources. Non-authorized sources often sell products which may have been improperly handled/stored or may be counterfeits. For more details, please see the SIA Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force Whitepaper. Therefore, to ensure you are receiving unused, authentic ADI product, and to take full advantage of the industry-leading reliability levels of ADI’s products, please ensure all purchases are made through the ADI authorized distributors and sales offices.