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Marketing Services

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Along with providing professional home selling services, we also specialize in marketing services that help you get your home on the market and visible to others who are looking for luxury homes in the Coral Gables area. With adequate marketing services and tools, we can easily transform the way your home performs on the competitive market and ensure that your property is viewed by many and is visible as an easy sell. Our marketing services include digital marketing and advertising, promotions, and running local offline marketing ads and campaigns.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is done by localizing the content that relates to selling your home so that it becomes available and visible by the local market. This means understanding what the existing market is, what other homes are selling for in the area, how they appear in ads, who is marketing them, and what we can do to ensure that your home stands out against the rest. Our job is to help your marketing for your luxury home look beautiful and flawless so that potential buyers will be eager to see what your home has to offer.

Online Marketing

Online marketing consists of everything digital and aimed at marketing your home online. This includes digital photographs, virtual tours that can be uploaded online, as well as digital info that relates and describes the home's features. Ensuring that your digital and online marketing is up-to-date is a great way to reach more clients and especially those that are out of state and looking to relocate to the Coral Gables area. We also utilize email marketing, so that those who are looking for particular properties will be notified when your home has a price adjustment or has an update on the market.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing consists of any physical marketing tools that are used outside of the internet. These include flyers, newspaper and magazine ads, brochures, and other physical advertisements that can showcase your home and its value to others who are looking to purchase a luxury home. Depending on what your needs are, we’ll go over the offline marketing tools that we find most helpful and suitable to your home specifically when putting it on the market. For example, if you have a beautiful pool and spa you want to showcase, then an offline marketing tool with images would be more suitable.


In general, advertising your home to the right audience is the best way to ensure that your home receives attention and visibility to interested buyers throughout the community. We help you create the best advertising plan possible that is customized to your home to help showcase the best features of your home and attract new interest. We provide everything from professional home stagers to photographers, and even videographers, to create advertisements and content that can help show your home in various ways to interested buyers. We use modern advertising tools and techniques for every luxury home we assist in selling.

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