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Luxury Homes in Coral Gables

'Gables by the Sea Homes For Sale'

If you are interested in purchasing a luxury home in the Coral Gables area, then you have come to the right company! We have many years of experience in selling homes in the Coral Gables area and helping potential homebuyers in the search for their next great home. All of our team members are licensed in the industry and can offer you professional feedback and assistance with all of your luxury home selling and buying needs.

Types of Homes Available

There are several types of homes available in the Coral Gables area and we have privileges to show you a wide range of them, depending on what your personal preferences and needs are. Some of our clients are interested in being as close to the beach as possible, while others prefer to be closer to shops and restaurants with easy access to the beach whenever they need it. We offer everything from luxury condos to luxury waterfront properties.

Price Range

Another important part of the luxury home buying process is to understand the price range that you were comfortable spending. All of our clients have different price ranges and are willing to pay a certain amount for specific amenities and luxuries within their homes. For example, one client may be more willing to spend more on a waterfront property than a condo. Either way, we are eager to have all of our clients find the best home available in their price range.


Another main thing that many homebuyers look for when moving and investing in a luxury home, is all of the amenities that the home has to potentially offer. If a client has a high budget for a luxury home, they will likely also want certain amenities that include a pool, a garage for several cars, and perhaps more than one walk-in closet. We help you narrow down all of the specifics that would make you most comfortable in your luxury home and pick up all of the homes on the market that fit this criterion. We can also help you expand your search if you are unsure what amenities would be better than others. For money homebuyers, they are looking for a home that already meets most of their needs so that they do not have to remodel or put more work into the home for it to be satisfactory.


The biggest selling point of Coral Gables is definitely the location. Many people flock to this area because if its relative proximity to the beach and because Florida has become a destination hotspot for any vacationers who are looking to invest in summer homes or retirement homes. Whatever kind of property it is you’re looking to purchase, we are here to help you narrow down the list and find every home that needs your specific criteria. If you are unsure what area of the Coral Gables location that you would like to settle in, we can provide you more information on different parts of town I could offer you more benefits than others.

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