Real-World Interface Cards for IBM Personal Computers

RTI-800 Family Provides Analog & Digital Inputs & Outputs for PC, PC/XT, PC/AT Hardware and Software-Compatible; Throughput to 71,000 Hz; 12-bit ADC & DACs

Four boards in the RTI-800 series, the newest members of the RTITM family of board interface products, provide fast, flexible and transparent input/output (I/O) interfacing between IBM (and IBM-compatible) personal computers and the real world of current, voltage, switch closures, and detectable events. Key features of these boards include high speed (up to 71 kHz throughputs) and channel density (e.g., up to 32 single-ended analog input channels), as well as software drivers for high-level languages, such as BASIC, Pascal, C, FORTRAN, and Turbo Pascal—running under MS-DOS. Read full article